Golden’s AC Tune-Up Specialists

You could save money in both the short and the long term with yearly cooling maintenance in Golden, CO. Most HVAC experts recommend an air conditioner tune-up simply for the AC’s sake, however. Air conditioners incur lots of wear and tear over time, and if nothing is done to address this issue, they will break down completely before they can reach their fullest potential. Try to get the most out of your system. If it’s a ducted AC, you should be able to reach 20 years with it. If it’s a mini-split system, expect 30 years.

When an AC is maintained well, it runs more smoothly and does its job with a minimum of energy waste. You won’t experience uneven cooling, low air pressure, extremely short cycles, or other tell-tale signs of a malfunctioning unit. Maintenance also cuts down on the number of repairs you need throughout the year. And whatever repairs you do need won’t cost so much because the tune-up will have prevented a major issue from arising.