If you’re an electrical vehicle (EV) owner, you’re already reaping the eco-friendly benefits of not having to worry about gas prices. But are you taking full advantage of the convenience your EV can give you?

Generally speaking, EVs come standard with a dealership-provided Level 1 charging station that plugs right into the wall. These chargers are slow, and can take more time than is ideal to give your EV a full charge. However, there are better options out there! Level 2 charging stations are ideal for homeowners who use their EVs daily or have longer commutes. No more waiting a full day just to get to a half charge!

When it comes to having the best EV charging station for your home in Lakewood, CO, Mighty Pine Heating & Air is the local team of choice. Our highly skilled electricians are experienced with EV charging and are ready to give you the convenience of having a fast, reliable EV car charging station that’s miles better than the standard one you may be using today!