If you’ve been looking for ways to save money on your energy bill, installing a smart thermostat is a great option. This device not only will perfect the settings on your HVAC system to ensure it’s as energy efficient as possible, but it will also get to learn your behaviors to suggest even more options to save money by altering your settings. Installing a smart thermostat is fairly easy to do if you follow the guide that we’re going to go over below.

Turn the Circuit Breaker Off

Before you go to disassemble your existing thermostat, it’s important that you turn off the power going to it. You want to do this directly at the circuit breaker to ensure that no power is going through the wires when you’re working on them. This should be done as a precautionary step to help prevent shorting out any of the wiring to the internal components of your thermostat if wires happen to touch while you’re doing the installation process.

Remove the Old Thermostat

Once you get all the power turned off, it’s time to go ahead and take the faceplate off your existing thermostat. You’ll see the exposed wiring connected to the back. Make sure you make a note of where each wire is going so that you can reconnect them when you install your new thermostat.

At this point, you want to go ahead and disconnect all the wires. Next, you want to remove the backplate from the wall. Most backplates simply need to be unscrewed. Make sure that you’re very careful threading the wires through the hole in the backplate as you remove it.

Install Your New Thermostat

You’ll want to install your new thermostat in the reverse order that you disassembled your old thermostat. Start with a backplate and screw it to the wall. You may have to create new screw holes if it doesn’t align with the existing backplate. Make sure that your screws are going into a stud or that you’re using drywall anchors to secure your new thermostat in place.

Next, you’ll want to reconnect the wiring to your new backplate. Make sure that you utilize your previous notes to ensure that you’re hooking up each wire to the right terminal. Go ahead and pop on the faceplate and turn the power back on at the circuit breaker. Your smart thermostat should automatically start to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi so that you can put in your initial settings.

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