Ventilating your Denver, CO home is a complex task. Humid conditions can make home ventilation more difficult, too. Without proper ventilation your home can become prone to growing mold and mildew, your wood furniture may wear and warp, and you may experience excessive condensation on your windows, walls, and ceiling.

Add Mechanical Ventilation

As per the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), ventilation is one of the most important jobs of HVAC systems, and the role that’s most often overlooked. In homes, outside air typically enters via cracks in building materials. This method of “breathing” is known as induction. Although it improves indoor air quality (IAQ), it also results in energy loss unless it’s controlled.

The best way to replace stale indoor air with air from outside is by adding mechanical ventilation to your HVAC system.

Clean Your Exhaust Vents

Bathroom exhaust fans and range hood vents should be regularly cleaned. You can soak your range hood vent in a natural solvent to break down cooking-related build-ups. Your bathroom fan covers can be removed and wiped clean.

Let Professionals Adjust Your Home Envelope

Creating an overly tight home envelope inhibits natural ventilation. It also sets the stage for dangerous backdrafts where negative air pressure pulls harmful exhaust gases back in. Having a professional refine your home’s envelope will improve ventilation and prevent backdrafting.


Air Things Out In the Morning and Evening

Early morning and evening hours are when air conditioners and furnaces are least active. Use these opportunities to air your home out by opening your windows and doors.

Improve Air Filtration

Integrated IAQ accessories like media filters, air scrubbers, and air purifiers extract airborne particulates that aren’t captured by HVAC air filters. They’ll leave you with cleaner indoor air and a lesser reliance upon the inflow of outside air.

We can help you improve the indoor air quality in your Denver, CO home. We offer heating services, cooling services, and provide advanced IAQ solutions.

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