If you’ve noticed an increase in your electric bill, but the outside temperature has remained the same, a few things could be at play. One reason for your increased utility bills could be a clogged air filter.

An Important Job

Air filters play important roles in heating and air conditioning systems. Since their job is to trap dust, dirt, and debris and keep those materials from circulating in your home, it makes sense that they would get clogged over time. When this happens, you need to replace your air filters.

If you don’t do this task, your HVAC system’s blower will have to work harder to move air. As a result, it will use up more energy to get your home to your desired temperature. Also, this extra strain might make your blower more vulnerable to problems.

Additionally, some dust and dirt may bypass a clogged filter and get into the internal components of your HVAC unit. This can cause those parts to work harder at their jobs as well.

Many experts in the industry recommend that homeowners have their filters changed every few months if they’re using their HVAC systems regularly. Households with pets and people who have allergies may benefit from more frequent filter replacements. If you need any assistance with your HVAC air filter or related issues, feel free to contact Mighty Pine Heating & Air in Wheat Ridge, CO.

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