Closing off air vents in your Arvada, Colorado, home is hardly an effective way to prevent energy waste. If you want to selectively raise or lower temperatures throughout your living environment, having HVAC dampers installed is a far better choice. While closed vents can actually raise your home energy bills and damage your heating and cooling equipment, HVAC dampers will create a zoned heating and cooling system that allows for customized comfort and less spending overall.

HVAC Dampers in Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems

The functions of a zoned heating and cooling system are governed by its control box. This box is wired to thermostats throughout the home to track indoor temperatures in each zone and to ensure that the preferred temperatures are maintained. HVAC dampers are also wired to this control center. Dampers are installed throughout a home’s HVAC ductwork to define individual service areas. When rooms require conditioned air, the dampers that service it open wide. When conditioned air is no longer required, these same dampers are instructed by the control box to seal shut.

Dampers Also Play a Role in Air Pressure Regulation

Closed HVAC vents cause air pressure within ducted systems to mount. This increased pressure makes vent closure a poor choice for increasing efficiency, limiting the costs of HVAC use, and creating custom temperatures throughout any building. HVAC dampers can effectively inhibit airflow to rooms or zones that don’t need it, and without causing this problem. That’s because when central HVAC systems are zoned, bypass HVAC dampers are installed as well. Whenever air pressure becomes too high, the control box tells bypass dampers to open so that excess air flows out.

The Benefits of Having HVAC Dampers Installed

As essential components in zoned HVAC systems, HVAC dampers make it possible to maintain the perfect temperatures in every room throughout your home. When dampening systems are in place, you don’t have to pay money to heat or cool spaces that no one is actively using. Moreover, if you’re chilly and everyone else is warm, you can heat up the room that you’re currently in, without subjecting other residents to unwanted heating.

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