With the brisk air and changing leaves in Wheat Ridge, CO, fall is fast approaching. It’s that time of the year when pumpkin spice lattes become a staple, and cozy sweaters make a comeback. But as you prepare for the fall festivities, don’t forget to prepare your home’s HVAC system for the upcoming season.

Follow these simple yet crucial steps to ensure your HVAC system is ready to keep you warm and comfortable during the cooler months.

Change Out Your Air Filters

When was the last time you changed your HVAC system’s air filters? If you’re struggling to remember, it’s likely time for a change. Swapping out old, dirty filters with new ones is a small task that yields significant benefits. Clean air filters not only improve indoor air quality by capturing dust, pollen, and allergens, but they also allow your HVAC system to run more efficiently. Improved efficiency translates to lower energy bills and a longer lifespan for your system. For optimal results, change your air filters at the start of fall and then once a month thereafter.

Adjust the Thermostat

As the temperature outside starts to drop, it’s time to adjust your thermostat settings for the season. During the daytime, aim for a slightly cooler indoor temperature to save energy. A few degrees can make a noticeable difference in your heating bills. When you’re tucked in bed at night, consider setting the thermostat a bit lower. Not only will you save on utility costs, but you’ll also enjoy better sleep in a cooler environment.

Clean Out Debris Around the HVAC System

Before the leaves begin to fall, take a stroll outside to inspect your HVAC unit. Clear away any leaves, twigs, or debris that might have gathered around it. Restricted airflow due to debris buildup can strain your system and reduce its efficiency. By maintaining a clean area around your HVAC unit, you ensure optimal performance and prevent potential problems down the road.

Time to Schedule Your HVAC Tune-Up

As you sip your hot apple cider and cozy up by the fireplace, remember that your HVAC system needs attention too. Take the next step in fall preparation by scheduling a professional HVAC tune-up. Our experienced technicians are ready to ensure your system is in top shape for the chilly months ahead.

Contact us today to schedule your tune-up in Colorado and make this fall your most comfortable one yet.

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