Proper maintenance is essential to maximizing your HVAC system’s performance. A clean HVAC unit doesn’t need to work as hard to heat or cool your home. You’ll enjoy lower utility bills and better indoor air quality. With these simple DIY maintenance tips, you can keep your system running smoothly in between annual tune-up appointments.

Clean Air Filters

Your air filter is your home’s last defense against dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, and more. As your HVAC system draws air from outside, the unit blows the air through a filter that removes allergens. When your air filter is dirty or clogged, allergens and other particles enter your ductwork and your home. You can prevent this decline in air quality by changing your furnace filter frequently.

Clear Vents and Ducts

If you notice more dust inside your home, you may have dust building up in your ductwork. You can reduce dust and other allergens by wiping down your registers with a damp cloth.

Remove Foliage and Debris Outside

Weather, yard waste, and rodents can affect your HVAC’s outdoor unit. Leaves, overgrown grass, and other yard waste can block airflow into the unit. Rain and snow can cause corrosion inside the unit. Rodents may chew wires and damage the unit. You can help your outside unit’s performance by removing grass, leaves, and other debris in and around the unit. If you notice corrosion or electrical damage, call one of our HVAC technicians to schedule a repair.

When You Need a Professional

Although you can help your HVAC system run smoothly all year long, there are times when you need a professional’s help. Changing refrigerant, calibrating your thermostat, and replacing major parts require an HVAC technician.

Expert HVAC Service in Wheat Ridge

At Mighty Pine Heating & Air, our professional HVAC technicians are here to keep your Wheat Ridge home comfortable. We offer professional installation, repair, AC maintenance, and furnace maintenance services for heating and cooling systems.

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