Keeping your home safely heated during the winter can be frustrating. Furnaces use a lot of energy and often cause your monthly utility bills to skyrocket. While space heaters are great for smaller areas, they can’t provide nearly as much heat as a furnace. Here’s what you need to know to heat your home safely this season.

Furnaces Are Necessary

You need your furnace to protect your home and belongings. Without a large amount of consistent heat, your plumbing, appliances, and electronics will all be at serious risk. The best way to keep your costs down is to invest in professional HVAC maintenance during the year. Regular maintenance improves the system’s efficiency and lowers your regular bills. Professional service also decreases your repair costs.

If you live in a large, drafty home, a zoning system can improve your temperature control and limit wasted energy. You’ll have better control over where your heat is being deployed, enabling you to push less hot air toward unused areas of the home.

Supplement With Space Heaters

Space heaters are ideal when you want to heat small or medium-sized areas of the home. These appliances are inexpensive and can produce additional warmth in rooms like your office or bedroom. Space heaters tend to have more safety restrictions than furnaces. You should never leave a space heater unattended, and you should keep the appliance out of the reach of children and animals.

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While space heaters are convenient sources of comfort and warmth, you should never entirely rely on this appliance for all your heating needs.

Turn to the Professionals

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