Mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners make it possible for homeowners to enjoy whole-house heating and cooling even though their properties lack ductwork. These units are perfect for older homes that didn’t have HVAC air ducts put in during their initial construction. They also work well in houses that have under-serviced or un-serviced areas. In nearly all applications, mini-splits are significantly more efficient than central HVAC systems. Following are three reasons why.

1. Mini-Splits Eliminate the Biggest Source of Air Loss

Much of the heated and cooled air that HVAC equipment produces winds up being lost in the ducting that’s meant to distribute it. Even when HVAC ductwork is perfectly intact, it can be responsible for air loss that accounts for as much as 30 percent of a heater or air conditioner’s energy consumption. This waste is greatly increased when air ducts are aging, leaking, or lacking adequate insulation. Ductless mini-splits prevent this type of air loss entirely. With a mini-split, each room or zone has its own separate air handler, and the heated or cooled air it produces is immediately released into the service area.

2. Homeowners Can Customize Temperatures

While central HVAC systems heat and cool homes uniformly, mini-splits make it possible to customize temperatures in each zone or room. Thus, if there are areas of the building that aren’t being used, there’s no need to keep their respective air handlers on. Having a ductless mini-split installed is an easy way to cut your carbon footprint without having to compromise on comfort.

Mini Splits

3. Mini-Split Heat Pumps Transfer Heat

There are two types of mini-splits that homeowners can have installed. Ductless mini-split air conditioners are a reliable source of cool air during the late spring and summer months. Ductless mini-split heat pumps provide both heating and cooling. These units offer year-round temperature control.

During the winter, ductless heat pumps don’t actually generate warm air like oil or gas-fired furnaces do. Instead, they draw heat from the outdoor environment and distribute it indoors. This heat transfer process is significantly more efficient than the heating that’s supplied by combustion appliances.

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